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    Free Courses for Alberta Students
    Grade 9 Mathematics
    Mathematics 10C
    Mathematics 10-3
    Mathematics 20-1
    Mathematics 20-2
    Mathematics 20-3
    Mathematics 30-1
    Mathematics 30-2
    Mathematics 30-3
    Physics 11
    Physics 12

    Free Courses for BC Students
    Grade 9 Mathematics
    Workplace Mathematics 10
    Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10
    Workplace Mathematics 11
    Foundations of Mathematics 11
    Pre-Calculus 11
    Apprenticeship Mathematics 12
    Foundations of Mathematics 12
    Pre-Calculus 12
    Physics 11
    Physics 12
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Thank you everyone for the feedback.
At the request of many of you, we have
decided to continue offering Study Matrix
at no cost until the middle of August.
With your feedback, we have also formulated
two pricing models: one for individuals
and another for classroom teachers.

Classroom teachers will have access
to a whiteboard, a graphing calculator,
planning tools, tracking tools and student analytics.

Suggestions or comments email us